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FAI Amateur Built & Experimental Aircraft Commission CIACA

2012 was the first year in which the FAI Amateur Built & Experimental Aircraft Commission met after becoming an Air Sport Commission. This conversion is significant and implies a change of philosophy, as the Commission must now look to organise competitions, oversee records and take a leading role in the development of new CIACA disciplines.

This new status has sparked a lot of new exciting ideas and projects within the Commission, which has the unique opportunity to develop a new and very promising sport from the very beginning. The first human-powered aircraft is already on the horizon for 2013, but many other types of events are currently being considered.

Apart from developing new activities and competitions, the Commission aims to widen its presence amongst the FAI Members all around the world.  


In most Member Countries fly-ins and contests are based on the following criteria:

-   Most beautiful home-built Aircraft
-   Best plan built Aircraft
-   Best kit built Aircraft
-   Most innovative Aircraft
-   Outstanding Workmanship
-   Longest Distance to join the Fly-in 
-   Best built Rotorcraft
-   Best Restoration

The first human-powered aircraft competition – the FAI Human Powered Aircraft Championship 2013 - is planned to take place in England in 2013.

The Commission is working with the FAI General Air Sport Commission (CASI) to develop rules for this event, as well as for activities and competitions linked to the following types of planes:

-   1. Solar Impulse
-   2. Human-powered
-   3. Experimental / Logo built
-   4. Restored & Historical
-   5. Electrical, Economic & Liquid Gas
-   6. Prototypes
-   6a. Prototypes FF - Far Future  

Rules will have to determine the exact nature for such competitions, for example duration or distance. 

1. Solar Impulse take off - May 2012

2.human pouwered aircraft2323











The Solar-Impulse project of flying a solar-powered aircraft around the world has created a new challenge for the Commission and CASI, as well as for the rules regarding this new type of flights. The Commission is working on developing the rules to accommodate not only Solar Impulse but also other forms of solar flights, as it is an area which will only grow in importance.

Working Groups

Three Working Groups were founded to work on specific projects and make proposals to the Commission:

-   Education, including Finance
-   New Power Sources and Technologies
-   CIACA Sporting Code


The Delegates to the Commission met in Friedrichshafen, Germany, on 22 April 2012.


  “A unique opportunity to develop a new and very promising sport”